Art workshop


In the Creative Nook we draw

During the sessions we listen to rhymes, stories and sing songs related to our topic.

We paint and make crafts

We take joy in what we have created


Children being aesthetically sensitive, should be encouraged to be creative. This is what the The Creative Nook focusses on; to build up a child's self-expression and self-confidence by positive affirmations and joyful creation of things. This can help them to concentrate, develop their individual personality and memory, fine tune movements of the hand - a basic requirement when starting school and learning to write.
During the sessions we will be drawing, painting, colouring nice pictures, amongst other things. We will learn about colours, proportions and perspectives. Through poems, stories, and funny exercises, we will work on relaxation and breathing exercises, allowing imaginations to unfold and creativity to take hold.

I look forward to meeting any and all visitors
(ages between 2-12 years)

£7/for toddlers/1.5 hours
£14/siblings/1.5 hours

£9/child/1.5 hours
£12/siblings/1.5 hours

I am flexible on timings.


We will start the workshop with some relaxing and funny exercises, where children can tune in to a peaceful team-working environment (as per Orsolya Gőbel's studies). Children will hear and listen to different tails and stories. Every week they can unfold their imagination and create own pictures based on these stories. Drawings and colours help to express their emotions and bring them into a fantasy world without boundaries.

In the second part of the lesson we learn about colours, materials (pastel chalk, watercolour, acrylic, turpentine, sand, gypsum, etc.) and perspectives. We will be using easy geometrical shapes for drawing different pictures.

We adventure through different topics in parallel with the seasons of the year. Thorough an annual plan, season by season, we will observe the diversity of nature, effects of colours and lights. We will make these celebrations more colourful with nice pictures and other works of art.

We will be organising an exhibition at the end of the year so that everybody can admire these wonders and can be a part of the art works of the Creative Nook.


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