Good to know

House Rules


● We play nicely with each other and the toys

● We share toys and we are polite

● We say please and thank you when asking for or receiving anything

● We respect each other

● We treat our furniture, toys and books with respect

● We take our shoes off

● We eat and drink at the table, except if we have a picnic

Health and Safety


I provide children with healthy, balanced and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. I will list any allergens in the ingredients of any food that I produce. Fresh water is always provided during the day. In my setting I promote good health to children. I talk regularly about what is healthy food and what is unhealthy. I give them a good understanding what kind of food they should eat, following the seasons. I show them fruit, vegetable and junk food flash cards as an activity to show them what is healthy and what is unhealthy. I provide to eat; lots of fibres (fruits, vegetables), nutrients and carbohydrates and less in the way of proteins and dairy - following the Eat Well and Eat Better Start Better Guide. I provide a home corner with kitchen items, where children can role-play. I aim to provide a high standard of care and hygiene practice to support the children. We practice every day; hand washing, care of hair, dressing, undressing, teeth, skin and sun awareness. We talk about how we can keep ourselves clean and healthy and we role-play as well (going to the dentist, doctor, hairdresser, etc.)

Emotional Health

I support the emotional environment by; building secure relationships, nurturing self-esteem and helping children manage their feelings and behaviour. I ask every day how they feel and what is their likes/dislikes. I read books about feelings and I show them flash cards about different emotions. I teach children the language of feelings and give them opportunities to reflect on their differences. I like to do puppet shows for them. Through this they can understand different feelings, situations and stories. I have a dress up box where children can express themselves with different kind of characters.


If you require it I will administer medicine to your child should he/she require it, but only if you have provided signed a permission form beforehand. This permission form would be reviewed on a regular basis and changes made accordingly. All medicines must be provided by you, whether it is prescribed by your child's doctor, or an over the counter medicine such as Calpol, teething gel etc. Each medicine must be in its original packaging with clear dosage instructions on it. If medicine has been decanted into another container, I cannot administer it.


I take lead responsibility. I am qualified in safeguarding children. This includes; child protection, recruitment of suitable people, medication, accidents, illness and emergencies, suitability of the premises and equipment, health and safety.

Accidents and Incidents

It is my policy to keep children safe when they are in my care. I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that all hazards to children on my premises are minimised. As a registered childminder, I am legally required to have a valid Paediatric First Aid certificate and my first aid training is renewed every 3 years. I can administer basic first aid treatment and my first aid box is clearly labelled and easily accessible.


I have Public Liability Insurance from Morton Michel. I have smoke and carbon monoxide detector, fire blanket and extinguishers in the kitchen. Equipment and toys are frequently checked and any dangerous items repaired or discarded. All dangerous materials, including cleaning substances and medicines are stored out of reach. Children do not have access to any cupboards storing hazardous materials including matches.


My childcare policies all comply with the purpose and aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These give each child the best possible start in life and support to fulfill their potential and to help young children achieve the fiveEvery Child Mattersoutcomes ofstaying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, achieving economic well-being. These include many policies including; health and safety, behaviour, food and drink, equal opportunities, other cultures, special needs, medication, nappy changing, accidents, visits and outings, etc. When a new family come to visit they are given a prospectus to look through with full details of all my policies. When entering into a contract I will require parents to sign a form to confirm they have read and understood all policies.

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